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The Basics with Dr Mo


Maureen Miller, PhD
Executive Director
Maureen Miller, PhD, (aka Dr. Mo), is a Columbia University trained epidemiologist and medical anthropologist specializing in sex research. She has been involved in research, programming, and policy since the 1990s, and has published more than 50 scientific articles and opinion pieces. Using population appropriate technology, Dr. Mo translates science about sex directly for people who stand to benefit most. When science meets sex, sex wins!
As part of the development process of The Basics with Dr. Mo, she undertook comprehensive training in video production and editing. She is an Upright Citizens Brigade improv comedy diversity scholar and was a finalist in the 2018 NY StartUP! business plan competition. Dr. Mo recently launched her speaking series 'Dr. Mo's 5 Steps to Great Sex: For women who want great sex..and for the people who want great sex with them.' Dr. Mo is available for speaking engagements, conferences/expos, podcasts and more! Connect with Dr. Mo at drmo@DrMoBsx.com for more information
Elizabeth Hucul
Community Advisory Board
Elizabeth is pursuing a Masters of Public Health degree at New York University, with a focus on social and behavioral science. She has an acute interest in women’s health and rights, and the social determinants that impact them. She hopes to be considered for a PhD in socio-medical sciences. Elizabeth also enjoys lactose-free ice cream and getting lost in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Jessica Medina
Community Advisory Board
Jessica is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Health degree at New York University, with a concentration in epidemiology. She is interested in infectious disease transmission pathways, and believes prevention is the best method of improving public health globally. She loves macarons and breezy walks through the forest; a true lover of nature and all living-beings.
Casey Murphy
Community Advisory Board
Casey is pursuing a JD at Rutgers Law School and works as a legal assistant. She studies civil rights law, with a focus on gender oppression. She is a volunteer at the local YWCA as a sexual assault advocate. With a background in English Literature and Journalism, reading is her main hobby and if she’s not in a book, she’s on the road running.
Olivia Fair
Community Advisory Board
Olivia is born and raised in New York City and is currently an undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis. She has been involved in the National Organization of Women and is an avid activist at her school. She hopes to expand her activism to work with fraternities to increase bystander training, facilitate conversation about consent, and to improve impact of sexual assault and harassment on campus.
Akram Abiskaroon
Akram is a certified community producer with Manhattan Neighborhood Network. After a far-ranging career, he has found his calling in television production. He is a Director/Producer on studio tapings of The Basics with Dr. Mo, as well as on numerous other productions.
Jonas Jonasson
Jonas works in the NY artistic community in many roles. He is a certified community producer with Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Director/Producer on studio tapings of The Basics with Dr. Mo, and is also the Field Producer. Jonas wishes to continue learning in all areas of life.
Marcos Cotlar
Marcos is a freelance filmmaker and videographer in the Atlanta area. He has a leading role in video post-production. He is a recent graduate of the Film Production Program at Clayton State University and an active member in the local film community.